Best portable boat toilet 2023

If you enjoy a day out on the water, it’s important to have the right toilet onboard for those emergency situations. With a variety of portable boat toilets on the market, it can be tough to find one that’s safe, comfortable, and easy to use.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the best portable boat toilets of 2023 so you can find the perfect one for your needs!

Best portable boat toilet 2023       

  1. Alpcour portable toilet (Editor’s Pick)
  2. Gallon portable tilet flash (Best Overall)
  3. Jaxpety Flush Porta toilet (Budget Friendly)
  4. Jaxpety Outdoor portable toilet
  5. Seaflo portable toilet
  6. Yitahome portable toilet
  7. Cho portable toilet for outdoor

1) Alpcour portable toilet

Best portable boat toilet

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Excellent Function and Large Flush Capacity
The Alpcour portable toilet flushes over 50 times before needing maintenance. This toilet performs well while camping or driving, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene.

Easy Maintenance using Piston Pump Flusher

Clean and maintain a portable toilet might be difficult. With its piston pump flusher, the Alpcour portable toilet eliminates this worry. This clever feature streamlines cleaning, making sanitation easy and enjoyable.

Large 5.3-Gallon Waste Tank

Concerned about capacity? A 5.3-gallon waste tank allows the Alpcour portable toilet to dispose of waste without regular emptying. This lets you enjoy your outdoor pursuits without interruptions.

Outdoor Durability

The heavy-duty Alpcour portable toilet can resist outdoor use. This portable toilet will be with you on your cross-country trip or wilderness camping trip.

The Alpcour Portable Toilet for Boat Enhances Boating Experience with Superior Comfort and Durability.
Boating requires comfort and durability. The Alpcour Portable Toilet for Boat excels in both. This portable toilet blends style and function with excellent plastic and a traditional white color.

A Large Haven Onboard

#Boating should be comfortable regardless of age. With its large design, the Alpcour Portable Toilet for Boat meets this need for children and adults. The seat’s polypropylene construction ensures durability and comfort.

Mobility Redefined

Portability defines the Alpcour Portable Toilet for Boat. Its design makes boat movement smooth and flexible. It may also be easily carried onshore, making boating more versatile.

Fingertip Hygiene

Maintaining hygiene is essential for long sailing journeys. The wash sprayer on the Alpcour Portable Toilet for Boat helps keep it clean. This smart innovation makes post-use cleaning easier, promoting cleanliness.

Compact Sizes for Space Efficiency

Boat space is valuable. The 17 x 16.5 x 14.5-inch Alpcour Portable Toilet for Boat addresses this issue. This guarantees that the toilet fits into your boat’s arrangement without taking up room.


Improve Sanitation with Alpcour
The Alpcour Portable Toilet for Boat enhances boating adventures. It redefines water comfort and convenience with its excellent build, traditional aesthetics, and user-centric functionality. Say goodbye to compromise and upgrade your cleanliness with Alpcour. Cruise through luxury and functionality and experience boating like never before.

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Alpcour portable toilet First Hand Review Video

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  1. Large size provides comfort for both kids and adults
  2. Polypropylene seat material ensures durability
  3. Wash sprayer feature for easy cleaning
  4. Portable and easy to move around
  5. Item package weight of 6.49 kilograms ensures it’s not too heavy.



Brand Alpcour
Seat Material Type Polypropylene
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H 17 x 16.5 x 14.5 inches
Package Weight 6.49 Kilograms
Brand Name Alpcour

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2) Gallon portable toilet flash

Best portable boat toilet

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The Gallon Portable Toilet Flash is a clever outdoor sanitation buddy. The large toilet tank minimizes emptying frequency, making it stand out. This lets you enjoy outdoor activities without maintenance interruptions.

Built-in Water System for Easy Cleaning

Hygienic portable toilets are a priority. The Gallon Portable Toilet Flash’s water system facilitates cleaning. This feature keeps outdoor spaces clean. Replace the inconveniences of traditional portable toilets with our user-friendly option.

Ruggedness for Every Adventure

Durability is essential in the wilderness. Heavy-duty design makes the Gallon Portable Toilet Flash durable for outdoor use. Its sturdy construction ensures it can withstand weather and use. This portable toilet will last through any excursion.

Improve Your Camping Experience with the F2C 6.6 Gallon Portable Toilet
The F2C 6.6 Gallon Portable Toilet is a great camping accessory for outdoor enthusiasts. This essential gear accessory provides comfort and portability.

Unmatched durability construction

The F2C 6.6 Gallon Portable Toilet is made of durable polyethylene. This durable substance strengthens and lasts the toilet. This portable toilet is reliable for camping or outdoor events.

Easy Mobility and Maintenance

The F2C 6.6 Gallon Portable Toilet makes outdoor travel easy. Its lightweight portability ensures comfort on your trips. Additionally, its easy-to-use cleaning and maintenance processes assure hygiene during your trip.

Your One-Stop Solution

The F2C 6.6 Gallon Portable Toilet has everything you need. One item bundle has everything you need to maintain a clean and comfortable outdoor sanitation setup.


Outdoor convenience is best with the Gallon Portable Toilet Flash and F2C 6.6 Gallon Portable Toilet. These portable toilets improve outdoor experiences with large tanks, strong construction, and easy maintenance. Say goodbye to uncomfortable alternatives and hello to outdoor comfort and hygiene. Choose reliability and convenience with the Gallon Portable Toilet Flash and F2C 6.6 Gallon Portable Toilet for your trips.

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Gallon portable toilet flash First Hand Review Video

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  1. Large 6.6 gallon capacity means fewer trips to empty it
  2. Durable polyethylene construction ensures longevity
  3. Portable installation method makes it easy to move around
  4. Lightweight item weight of 8.93 pounds means it’s easy to carry
  5. Easy to clean and maintain for added convenience.



Brand F2C
Item Weight 8.93 Pounds
Installation Method Portable
Seat Material Type Polyethylene
Part Number TX2136

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3) Jaxpety Flush Porta toilet

Best portable boat toilet

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The Jaxpety Flush Porta Toilet is travel-friendly due to HDPE. Its strong structure makes this toilet safe on rough or uneven terrain.

Effective Hygiene Flush System

Travel sanitation is essential, and the Jaxpety Flush Porta Toilet delivers. Its flushing system keeps it clean. This clever invention removes sanitary difficulties, providing you peace of mind on vacation.

Detachable Design for Easy Cleaning

The Jaxpety Flush Porta Toilet’s removable design simplifies cleaning. The toilet is easy to clean because its parts are accessible. This design displays the manufacturer’s usability focus.

Unmatched Stability for Easy Use

Take a portable toilet that could topple over. The Jaxpety Flush Porta Toilet fixes this. Its sturdy construction avoids use dangers. This function keeps you enjoying your trip.

increase your boating experience with the JAXPETY 5.3 Gallon Portable Toilet. Boating offers a distinct balance of calm and adventure, and being prepared can increase the experience. Watersports fans looking for a robust portable toilet might choose the JAXPETY 5.3 Gallon Portable Toilet for Boat.

Strong Construction with Quality Materials

Quality polyethylene makes the JAXPETY Portable Toilet for Boat sturdy and durable. This well chosen material protects your portable toilet from seawater and weather.

Cosmetic Blending

The well-integrated JAXPETY Portable Toilet for Boat is perfect for boats. Warm gray was chosen to match the yacht. The subtle aesthetic touch keeps your boating toilet inconspicuous and functional.

Practical Space-Optimized Design

Efficiency is crucial in boat design due to space constraints. The square-shaped JAXPETY Portable Toilet does this. This form maximizes boat interior space in compact spaces.

Excellent Long-Distance Capability

The boat toilet JAXPETY 5.3-gallon stands out. This enormous space allotment helps you go far without potty breaks. This is especially useful in remote or less-frequented areas.

Easy to move for optimum versatility

The 12-pound JAXPETY Portable Toilet for Boat is compact and portable. Move it around the boat easily to accommodate your voyage’s changing needs due to its lightweight build.


The JAXPETY 5.3 Gallon Portable Toilet for Boat goes beyond boating gear. It’s an investment in boating ease. Due to its robust polyethylene construction, innovative design, and impressive capacity, this portable toilet is necessary for relaxing holidays and ambitious expeditions. The JAXPETY Flush Porta Toilet and Portable Toilet for Boat improves land and water travel with unsurpassed durability and functionality.

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Jaxpety Flush Porta toilet First Hand Review Video

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  1. Large 5.3 gallon capacity means fewer trips to empty it
  2. Durable polyethylene construction ensures longevity
  3. Square shape makes it easy to fit in small spaces on the boat
  4. Lightweight item weight of 12 pounds makes it easy to move around
  5. Batteries not required for added convenience.



Item Weight 12 Pounds
Shape Square
Seat Material Type Polypropylene
Part Number JAXPETY

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4) Jaxpety Outdoor portable toilet

Best portable boat toilet

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The Jaxpety Outdoor Portable Toilet’s best advantage is versatility. Camping, hunting, boating, and other outdoor activities are perfect for this portable toilet.

Always Clean: Leak-Free Guarantee

Outdoor excursions should not be messy. The Jaxpety Portable Toilet’s unique anti-leak design solves such problems. The smart feature makes outdoor activities clean and easy, eliminating surprises.

Durable Quality: Made to Last

The sturdy Jaxpety Outdoor Portable Toilet is made of good stuff. The construction materials are long-lasting. Buying our portable toilet ensures years of outside use.

Easy to Use: Best Simplicity

Easy use is key, and the Jaxpety Portable Toilet delivers. The simple design and function make it accessible to anyone. The toilet is simple to use, making camping easier for beginners and specialists.

A Complete Water and Waste Management Solution

The Jaxpety Outdoor Portable Toilet stands out with its Fresh Water and Waste Tanks. These features make the toilet easier to use and show its thorough outdoor sanitation approach. These tanks allow outdoor activities without compromising cleanliness.

Improve Your Camping Experience with the JAXPETY 2.6 Gallon Outdoor Portable Toilet
Outdoor enthusiasts wishing to upgrade their camping experiences will love the JAXPETY 2.6 Gallon Outdoor Portable Toilet. This portable toilet’s durability, smart design, and comfort will enhance your outdoor experience.

ABS Strength: Resilience

The JAXPETY 2.6 Gallon Outdoor Portable Toilet has an ABS seat. ABS durability makes this portable toilet a reliable outdoor friend. Its resilience makes it a wonderful toilet for tough people.

Universal Suggestion User Range

JAXPETY 2.6 Gallon Outdoor Portable Toilet targets outdoor enthusiasts with a broad audience. This toilet makes outdoor activities easier for everyone, regardless of background or ability level.

The Best Size: Space-saving comfort

The 2.6-gallon (10L) JAXPETY Outdoor Portable Toilet is convenient and comfortable. This size is ideal for individuals who desire a nice, small toilet. Its portability makes it appealing for outdoor pursuits.

Compact design maximizes impact with minimal space

The 17.1 x 15.4 x 13.5-inch JAXPETY 2.6 Gallon Outdoor Portable Toilet emphasizes its compact dimensions. This compactness keeps the toilet out of camping gear. This smart toilet helps pack efficiently and improve outdoor storage.

Enjoy Outdoor Durability and Comfort

The JAXPETY 2.6 Gallon Outdoor Portable Toilet is convenient and durable for outdoor enthusiasts. Its durable design and soft ABS seat make it a long-term camping investment. The durable and practical portable toilet will enhance your outdoor experience.

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Jaxpety Outdoor portable toilet First Hand Review Video

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  1. Universal suggested user range makes it suitable for everyone
  2. Durable polypropylene construction ensures longevity
  3. Comfortable ABS seat material type
  4. Portable and easy to move around
  5. Lightweight package weight of 4.88 kilograms means it’s easy to carry.



Item Weight 9.9 Pounds
Seat Material Type Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H 17.1 x 15.4 x 13.5 inches
Package Weight 4.88 Kilograms

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5) Seaflo portable toilet

Best portable boat toilet

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Any watercraft needs a portable toilet for long excursions or limited onshore services. The SEAFLO Portable Toilet for Boat is the best choice for reliable, easy-to-use portable toilets. Its autonomy eliminates the requirement for external plumbing, a godsend for vessels without lavatories.

Key Features of SEAFLO Boat Portable Toilet

1. Unmatched Portability

The SEAFLO Portable Toilet for Boat is known for its portability. Boaters looking for an onboard portable toilet might consider it. It’s easy to move and maintain. It effortlessly moves around the vessel, meeting your needs at 9.7 pounds. Portable installations offer quick setup and takedown and can be adjusted as needed.

2. Superior Odour Control

The sealing sliding valve makes this portable toilet stand out. This clever part prevents odour seepage, essential for a boat-based portable toilet. The valve keeps the air fresh and clean even after long use. It also fits well into small boat areas due to its rectangular shape.

In summary

Every boat owner looking to improve their aquatic experience with comfort and ease should get the SEAFLO Portable Toilet for Boat. Durability and longevity are combined with top-tier polypropylene and a matching seat material. The sealing slide valve, mobility, and compact size make it a maritime need, while the lightweight material makes it easy to use and maintain. Take your next sea voyage with the best onboard lavatory options.

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Seaflo portable toilet First Hand Review Video

Video Source:  SEAFLO Marine & RV 


  1. Completely self-contained, no external plumbing required
  2. Sealing slide valve prevents odor leakage for added hygiene
  3. Portable installation type makes it easy to move around
  4. Lightweight item weight of 9.7 pounds makes it easy to carry
  5. Rectangular shape makes it easy to fit in small spaces on the boat.



Item Weight 9.7 Pounds
Installation Type Portable
Shape Rectangular
Seat Material Type Polypropylene
Product Dimensions 15.9 x 13.9 x 11.9 inches

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6) Yitahome portable toilet

Best portable boat toilet

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The 3.2-gallon water tank and 2.6-gallon waste-water tank of the YITAHOME portable toilet allow for longer use before emptying. Water efficiency is enhanced by its double flush mechanism. This smart design saves water and improves use.

Durable construction for long-term performance

The YITAHOME portable toilet is durable and easy to clean due to its innovative materials. This protects your investment for years. The removable and sealed construction makes travelling and maintenance easy for users.

Multipurpose Adventure Function

The YITAHOME portable toilet is perfect for campers, RVers, and outdoor enthusiasts. Multi-purpose versatility makes it ideal for various situations. Avoid awkward public lavatory excursions while camping, RVing or outdoors.

Smooth Installation and Compact Design

The YITAHOME portable toilet is floor-mounted, unlike standard toilets. You may install it easily without external plumbing, regardless of your location. It fits easily in tight camping gear due to its square shape. The ergonomic polyethylene-ABS seat is comfortable and durable.

Ideal Size and Portability

The 13.78 x 16.34 x 12.01-inch YITAHOME portable toilet makes seated comfortable for all sizes. It’s lightweight at 11.23 pounds for portability. Your package includes everything you need, simplifying preparation.

Conclusion: Enhance Outdoor Adventures

In conclusion, the YITAHOME Portable Toilet is a great camping or sailing accessory. Only its comfort matches its durability and comfort from superior materials. It fits seamlessly into your outdoor gear collection due to its floor-mounted installation and compact size. User-friendliness and good performance are guaranteed by its lightweight design.

The YITAHOME Portable Toilet combines innovation with comfort and convenience to enhance your outdoor experience. Say goodbye to compromising lavatory experiences and confidently enjoy the outdoors. Choose the YITAHOME Portable Toilet to elevate your trips.

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Yitahome portable toilet First Hand Review Video

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  1. Floor-mounted installation method means no need for external plumbing
  2. Durable polyethylene and ABS material construction ensures longevity
  3. Square shape makes it easy to fit in small spaces
  4. Lightweight item weight of 11.23 pounds makes it easy to carry
  5. Portable and easy to move around.



Installation Method Floor Mounted
Shape Square
Seat Material Type PE+ABS
Part Number BFTLPT-0001
Item Weight 11.23 pounds

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7) Cho portable toilet for outdoor

Best portable boat toilet

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Emulating Home Comforts
The Cho Portable Toilet, which looks like your toilet, maximises outdoor excursions. This portable marvel promises home-like comfort, so no more camping in the wild.

Best capacity for long-term use

The Cho Portable Toilet’s 6.3-gallon tank allows outside use. It may be used numerous times before emptying, making it ideal for long trips.

High-Tech Sanitation for Freshness

Impassable Odour Defence
The double-sealed Cho Portable Toilet eliminates outside odours. This innovative function maintains scents inside the device and prevents olfactory disturbances.

Leak-proof assurance

Leak-proof construction makes the Cho Portable Toilet worry-free outside. The double-sealed mechanism absorbs odours and prevents leaks, keeping the atmosphere clean.

The thing is sturdy.

Cho Portable Toilets are iconic and built to survive tough outdoor conditions. Its sturdy construction makes it a reliable travel companion.

Conquering Elements

The Cho Portable Toilet works in every weather. Unpredictable nature doesn’t bother this outdoor toilet.

Increase Your Camping Experience

The Cho Portable Toilet gives you the greatest camping experience. High-density polyethylene makes it a trustworthy outdoor buddy.

Unmatched Comfort

Polypropylene seats make the Cho Portable Toilet the most comfortable. This material provides the ideal seating experience with its comfort and durability.

Portable without effort

The 14.62-pound Cho Portable Toilet is lightweight and portable, perfect for camping. Move it simply around the campsite or into your car to make it a travel companion.

Compact and Handy Design for Space-Saving Efficiency

Cho Portable Toilet recognises campers respect space. It fits in your camping kit at 18.5 x 18.5 x 15.8 inches, leaving room for other needs.

Easy to Setup and Maintain

Simple design makes Cho Portable Toilet user-friendly. Set up and take down effortlessly, simplifying outdoor life. The manufacturer part number OC13W makes replacement parts and accessories easy to find.

The Cho Portable Toilet adds elegance to outdoor activities like camping. Quality polyethylene and comfortable polypropylene seat material make it durable and comfortable. Its small size and lightweight design make it an ideal camping equipment. Next vacation, bring the Cho Portable Toilet for unrivalled comfort and ease.

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Cho portable toilet for outdoor First Hand Review Video

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  1. Durable high-density polyethylene construction ensures longevity
  2. Comfortable polypropylene seat material type
  3. Compact size makes it easy to fit in small spaces in camping gear
  4. Portable and easy to move around
  5. Manufacturer part number makes it easy to find replacement parts or accessories.



Brand cho
Seat Material Type Polypropylene
Item Weight 14.62 pounds
Package Dimensions 18.5 x 18.5 x 15.8 inches
Manufacturer Part Number OC13W

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Best Portable Boat Toilet 2023- Complete Buying Guide

When it comes to boat sanitation, proper hygiene is paramount. The type of portable boat toilet you choose will depend on various factors such as the size of your vessel and its unique needs. In this buying guide, we’ll walk you through the different types of toilets available and share our tips for choosing the best boat toilet for your needs.

We’ll also provide an overview of some of the most popular portable boat toilets on the market in 2023 and provide recommendations based on customers’ & experts’ reviews. By arming yourself with the knowledge from this buying guide, you are sure to select a portable boat toilet that not only meets your requirements but will also ensure a comfortable sailing experience for you and your passengers. Read on to learn more about choosing one that fits your needs perfectly!

Best portable boat toilet

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Benefits of Portable Boat Toilets

Having a portable boat toilet can provide improved comfort, convenience and discretion while out on the water. Portable toilets for boats come in three main types – buckets, macerators, and composting toilets – each of which has its benefits.

  • Bucket Toilets: Bucket toilets are the most affordable option and are usually made from durable plastic or fiberglass resin materials. Smaller models can fit inside compact spaces like cupboards, yet have large enough seating areas for adults to use comfortably. These portable toilets also require little maintenance, although an odor filter may need to be replaced occasionally.
  • Macerator Toilets: Macerator toilets feature a built-in grinding system that chops waste material into small particles before it is discharged into a holding tank. This makes them more suitable at marinas when harbour regulations don’t allow direct discharge of human waste into the waterway. They are higher in cost than bucket toilets but require less regular maintenance than bucket models since they don’t need to be emptied as often due to the grinding process taking up less space inside the tank holding human waste.
  • Composting Toilets: Composting boat toilets offer an eco-friendly solution by breaking down solid waste material with bacteria that convert it into humus which is then stored in a separate container away from any living creatures or vegetation; this also requires no power or plumbing sources apart from ventilation piping if needed (check with your local boating laws before considering this type of toilet). However, composting boat restrooms do have a high upfront price tag and require extra time and effort to empty the humus container when full.

Types of Portable Boat Toilets

When selecting a portable boat toilet, the first thing that needs to be considered is the type of toilet. There are two main types of portable boat toilets, manual and electric.

  • Manual toilets require you to pump the water in the bowl with a foot-pump or hand-pump. This can take some effort but will usually provide good results. They also typically cost less than electric models and can be used in more remote areas where electric toilets wouldn’t be practical.
  • Electric toilets use a DC pump which draws water from the boats tank and flushes it through the toilet bowl when a button is pressed. These tend to be more expensive but offer convenience and ease of use compared to manual models. They are popular for larger boats that require a larger sized toilet for greater capacity.

Both manual and electric portable boat toilets come in different shapes, sizes, and designs so that they can easily fit your specific needs as best as possible. When shopping for your perfect model, consider factors such as design, size, weight, power source (manual/ electric), capacity (litres/gallons), suitability for salt or brackish water environments(marine grade certified), noise levels (for quiet nights) and even any possible attachments you may need like additional tanks/bowls or porta-potty box holders etcetera).

Factors to Consider When Buying a Portable Boat Toilet

When it comes to choosing the right portable boat toilet, there are several factors that you should consider. It is important to choose a unit that is easy to use and clean and offers a high level of comfort.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at the factors you should consider when choosing your new boat toilet:

  • Size: One of the most important factors to consider when buying a portable boat toilet is size. The size of your boat will determine the size of toilet that you need. Make sure that you measure your boat carefully before selecting your model so that you don’t end up with one that is too large or small for your needs.
  • Type: There are two main types of portable boat toilets – cassette and traditional toilets. Cassette toilets are usually smaller in size and easier to maintain, making them ideal for smaller boats or those with limited space. Traditional toilets, on the other hand, offer more convenience as they come with tanks for flush water storage as well as waste-storage tanks or buckets.
  • Material: Portable boat toilets are made from different materials such as hard plastic or stainless steel so it’s important to decide on what kind of material you want before making your purchase. Hard plastic models tend to be lighter and cheaper than stainless steel models but they aren’t as durable so they may not last as long if not maintained properly. Stainless steel units are more robust, durable and often more aesthetically pleasing but can be pricier upfront.
  • Ventilation System: It’s important to make sure that your chosen portable bathroom has adequate ventilation in order for odors not to linger inside the bathroom or outside around your vessel . Quality ventilation systems can effectively trap odors inside the tank which increases user comfort levels both inside and outside of the restroom area while also preventing unpleasant smells from spreading around the vessel itself.
  • Accessories: There are also other useful accessories available such as odor removers which help remove any existing odors in existing restrooms before being replaced with new units, bidet accessories which improve personal hygiene on board and maintenance tools such as brushes or coverings which protect the waste tank from damage during transport. Be sure to read up on these accessories prior to purchase in order make sure that they best suit your needs.

Best Portable Boat Toilet Brands

When you’re on the water, having a reliable and clean portable boat toilet is essential. Whether you’re touring with your family, spending a long weekend out on the lake or sailing solo for weeks at sea, having a quality portable toilet for your boat can mean the difference between an enjoyable experience and one that leaves you wishing for dry land.

With so many options out there, it is important to consider features like waste storage configurations, installation ease and noise reduction technologies when narrowing down your search for the perfect portable boat toilet. On this list we will cover some of the best brands of portable boat toilets available in 2023 to help make sure your experience on the water is as comfortable and hassle free as possible.

Whether you are looking for complete waste containment systems with multi-stage sewage treatment or just need something simple to empty off shore – these well known brands have a range of products that will meet any budget or needs:

  • SeaLand by Dometic
  • Jabsco
  • LectraSan MC
  • Manual Marine Toilet
  • Thetford Porta Potti

Best portable boat toilet

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Installation and Maintenance Tips

For a successful installation and maintenance of a portable boat toilet, follow these steps:


  1. Make sure the unit is securely mounted to the hull with nuts and bolts provided.
  2. Attach water inlet and outlet pipes, using antifreeze if available.
  3. Connect the vent hose and secure it firmly to an above-water outlet.
  4. Test the system by pumping sea water into the inlet pipe until it flows out of the outlet pipe – then repeat, this time flushing clean water back into the unit to flush out any particles that may have clogged up during testing.
  5. Check all fittings for leaks and tighten as necessary until you are confident that there is no risk of leakage or flooding below deck!
  6. Make sure all parts are secured tightly and properly fitted before attempting use of your new portable boat toilet system!


  1. Ensure that waste tanks are emptied regularly as needed – depending on usage levels this could be anywhere from once a week to once every few months or even more often if your boat has been heavily used recently!
  2. Clean all portions of the toilet’s external surfaces regularly with mild soapy water or appropriate cleaning solution for use on marine surfaces to keep grime at bay and prevent buildup over time which can lead to corrosion or breakdown issues later down the line! Note that some models come with specialized cleaners designed specifically for their make/model too – check your instruction manual if unsure here!
  3. Always avoid using abrasive materials when cleaning any part of your portable boat toilet system as these can cause damage over time – no matter how tempted you may be when scrubbing away persistent stains!
  4. Replace worn tank seals, outlets pipes or hoses immediately as these could leak if left unchecked, potentially leading to costly repairs later on down the line!


This guide has provided you with an overview of the best portable boat toilets for 2023. We have discussed the differences between manual and electric flush systems, how to select the right size for your boat, and what to consider when shopping for extra features.

Remember that there are different models available for every budget, so no matter what your needs, there is sure to be a portable boat toilet out there that meets them. Make sure you measure your space properly before making a purchase and always read product reviews before buying to ensure that you are getting a quality item that will last and provide years of safe, convenient access to marine sanitation services.


What is the best toilet for a houseboat?

The best toilet for a houseboat would likely be a marine toilet, as it is specifically designed for use on boats and can handle the movement and conditions of being on water.

What is the best portable toilet for travel?

The best portable toilet for travel would depend on the specific needs of the user and the type of travel they will be doing. Some popular options include camping toilets, portable chemical toilets, and portable composting toilets.

Which type of toilets can be used on boats?

Types of toilets that can be used on boats include marine toilets, portable toilets, and composting toilets.

How do I stop my portable toilet from smelling?

To stop a portable toilet from smelling, it is important to properly maintain and clean it, as well as use the right type of chemicals or deodorizers. Additionally, it is important to use the toilet as directed and not overuse it.

What liquid is used in porta potties?

The liquid used in porta potties is typically a combination of water and a chemical deodorizer

How often should portable toilets be cleaned?

Portable toilets should be cleaned and emptied regularly, depending on usage frequency and the number of people using the toilet

How do I choose a marine toilet?

When choosing a marine toilet, it is important to consider factors such as the size of the boat, the type of water in which it will be used, and the number of people who will be using it.

What is the most energy efficient toilet?

The most energy efficient toilet would be a dual flush toilet, which allows users to choose between a full flush and a reduced flush for liquid waste.

What are the four types of toilets?

The four types of toilets are: flush toilets, dry toilets, composting toilets, and incinerating toilets.

How long will a 20L portable toilet last?

A 20L portable toilet will last for a certain number of uses before it needs to be emptied, depending on usage frequency and the number of people using the toilet.


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