Best toto toilet 2023

Are you searching for the best Toto toilet of 2023? Search no more! In this blog, we provide you with our complete buying guide to help you choose the perfect Toto toilet that works best for your needs. With our handy guide, gone are the days of guessing what kind of toilet is right for you – we’ve got it all covered!

Best toto toilet 2023 

  1. TOTO Electronic Dual Flush (Editor’s Pick)   
  2. TOTO Neorest Bathroom-Hardware (Best Overall)   
  3. Toto MS920CEMFG Integrated Toilet (Budget Friendly)
  4. TOTO NEOREST RH Dual Flush
  5. TOTO Drake Elongated Toilet
  7. TOTO Toilet with Elongated Bowl

1) TOTO Electronic Dual Flush

Best toto toilet

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TOTO’s air purifiers are designed to clean and refresh your home. With 157.5 pounds, one exceptional product redefines air purification with its enticing characteristics.

TOTO’s Auto Feature: Brilliant Automation

Auto is this air purifier’s breakthrough function. The purifier adapts and operates automatically, avoiding manual adjustments. This seamless automation maintains pure air flow, improving comfort and convenience in your home.

Adjustable Comfort: The Benefit

The air purifier’s adjustable feature makes customizing your experience easier than ever. Customize parameters to meet your air purifying needs. This versatility helps a wide spectrum of users choose a custom air purification solution.

Redefining Bathroom Luxury with TOTO Electronic Dual Flush

TOTO Electronic Dual Flush toilets are the future of bathroom fittings, combining elegance, sustainability, and revolutionary design. This elegant addition blends design and function to enhance your bathroom experience.

Modern Elegance: Form and Function

This sleek toilet has an extended shape and modern design. The 157.5-pound item’s 36.5 x 20.75 x 31-inch dimensions match its strong structure. Durable ceramic and plastic make the toilet, while its cotton white finish adds elegance.

Dual-Flush Revolution: Eco-Conscious Innovation

Sustainable living without sacrificing performance with the TOTO Electronic Dual Flush toilet’s innovative dual-flush mechanism. Every use conserves water with this environmentally friendly feature’s 0.9 GPF liquid waste flush and 1.28 GPF solid waste flush. This WaterSense-certified appliance is a smart investment for homes trying to cut their carbon footprint.

Easy Installation: Convenience

The TOTO Electronic Dual Flush toilet’s easy installation and thorough instructions make it easy to install. This floor-mounted fixture has a plastic seat and part number MS900CUMFG#01 for functionality and convenience of setup. The toilet uses 120 volts without batteries, reducing maintenance.

Promote Excellence with TOTO

TOTO is an innovator in a world of fast-changing technologies and home solutions, offering items with sleek design and cutting-edge functionality. TOTO air purifiers and electronic dual flush toilets enhance your living space, promote sustainability, and provide maximum comfort. A new standard of quality redefines your home’s soul.

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TOTO Electronic Dual Flush First Hand Review Video

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  1. Dual-flush system that saves water (0.9 GPF for liquid waste and 1.28 GPF for solid waste)
  2. WaterSense certified for water-saving capabilities
  3. Sturdy and durable construction with ceramic and plastic material
  4. Sleek and modern design that complements contemporary bathrooms
  5. Detailed instructions and simple installation method



Brand TOTO
Item Weight 157.5 Pounds
Installation Method Floor Mounted
Shape Elongated
Seat Material Type Plastic

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2) TOTO Neorest Bathroom-Hardware

Best toto toilet

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TOTO’s 124-pound toilet’s innovative cyclone flush technology revolutionizes water conservation and flushing efficiency. This sophisticated mechanism conserves water and ensures a thorough flush every time.

Enhanced Convenience

The meticulous design of the 124-pound toilet shows TOTO’s dedication to customer satisfaction. A heated seat, adjustable to your liking, enriches your bathroom experience with unmatched comfort. This combination of luxury and functionality makes TOTO’s design a convenience icon.

Unveiling TOTO Neorest Bathware

The TOTO Neorest Bathroom-Hardware is the ultimate of luxury and functionality among bathroom fixtures. This toilet adds elegance to any bathroom with its beautiful circular shape and modern design. Its 17.75 x 31.85 x 20.75-inch dimensions and 124-pound weight demonstrate its durability. The toilet’s cotton white color and excellent porcelain construction make it durable and attractive.

Eco-Friendly Living Step

Water-saving is one of the TOTO Neorest Bathroom-Hardware’s biggest benefits. Its 1.0 gallon per flush water consumption helps the environment without sacrificing performance. The product’s WaterSense certification proves its water-saving prowess. A remote control simplifies operation, and the hands-free automatic flush eliminates manual involvement.

Warming Up Winter Mornings

The adjustable heated seat of the TOTO Neorest Bathroom-Hardware makes winter mornings more comfortable. This seat is luxurious and comfortable, made of excellent porcelain. The MS992CUMFG#01 toilet’s part number defines its unique features and capabilities. It performs well for daily use at 120 volts and 1413 watts. Each box contains one unit with batteries for immediate use.


TOTO’s 124-pound toilet shows its commitment to quality and innovation. Its breakthrough water-saving design, user-centric conveniences, and luxury features make it an essential addition to any modern bathroom. TOTO’s quality, comfort, and efficiency elevate daily rituals.

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TOTO Neorest Bathroom-Hardware First Hand Review Video

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  1. Water-saving capabilities with a water consumption of 1.0 gallons per flush
  2. WaterSense certified for water-saving capabilities
  3. Convenient remote control for easy operation
  4. Heated seat with temperature control for added comfort
  5. Hands-free automatic flush eliminates the need for manual flushing



Brand TOTO
Item Weight 124 Pounds
Installation Method Floor Mounted
Shape Round
Seat Material Type Porcelain

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3) Toto MS920CEMFG Integrated Toilet

Best toto toilet

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The world-changing Toto MS920CEMFG Integrated Toilet redefines excellence in bathroom fittings. Its extended shape and streamlined design compliment any bathroom decor, creating an unrivaled appearance. This toilet is 28.62 x 15.37 x 26.93 inches and weighs 102.01 pounds, demonstrating its durability. Made of durable ceramic and finished in modern cotton white, it blends design and utility.

Starting Water-Saving Brilliance

Water-saving is a highlight of the Toto MS920CEMFG Integrated Toilet. This toilet promotes water efficiency and environmental responsibility at 1.28 gallons every flush. The coveted WaterSense certification confirms its water-saving capacity and sustainability. The elongated toilet provides adequate seats for a nice and comfortable experience for all users.

Smooth Installation for Unmatched Convenience

Floor-mounted installation makes the Toto MS920CEMFG Integrated Toilet easy to install. Its part number, MS920CEMFG#01, identifies it, and its package quantity is 1. Its little upkeep and lack of batteries make it convenient.

Improve Your Bathroom with TOTO WASHLET: The Best


the TOTO WASHLET embodies luxury, functionality, and sustainability. Designed to suit in any bathroom, its extended shape, elegant ceramic build, and water-saving abilities transform bathroom experiences. Bring elegance and responsibility to your environment with the TOTO MS920CEMFG Integrated Toilet. TOTO, a luxury brand, offers the best in bathroom design.

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Toto MS920CEMFG Integrated Toilet First Hand Review Video

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  1. Water-saving capabilities with a water consumption of 1.28 gallons per flush
  2. WaterSense certified for water-saving capabilities
  3. Comfortable elongated shape provides ample seating space
  4. Sturdy and durable construction with ceramic material
  5. Easy to install with a simple floor-mounted installation method



Brand TOTO
Item Weight 102.01 Pounds
Installation Method Floor Mounted
Shape Elongated
Part Number MS920CEMFG#01

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Best toto toilet

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Open flush design gives the TOTO MS988CUMFG outstanding flushing performance. This clever design makes each flush effective and efficient, saving water and improving the environment. The toilet’s automated feature simplifies your bathroom experience with modern technology.

Multipurpose Design for Every Home

The TOTO MS988CUMFG toilet fits many households because to its 120V power supply and adaptable design. This toilet matches your decor in a tiny flat or a huge mansion. The modest size of 27.13 x 15.19 x 21.06 inches makes it ideal for tight spaces and smaller bathrooms, ensuring style and functionality.

Redefining Bathroom Excellence with TOTO NEOREST RH Dual Flush

Experience bathroom elegance with the TOTO NEOREST RH Dual Flush toilet, a groundbreaking device that redefines accessibility and efficiency. This modern toilet has an extended shape and a sleek, contemporary design that matches any bathroom theme.

Durability and elegance combined

The TOTO NEOREST RH’s 27.13 x 15.19 x 21.06-inch measurements and 98.7-pound weight demonstrate its durability. This toilet is made of vitreous china, a durable material, so its attractiveness lasts. The cotton white finish gives the bathroom centerpiece a clean, charming look.

Bridging Accessibility Gap

The TOTO NEOREST RH Dual Flush toilet’s universal height and ADA compliance make it an accessible option for disabled people. This toilet prioritizes accessibility so the whole family may enjoy comfort and convenience.

Redefining Water Efficiency

In an environmentally conscious era, the TOTO NEOREST RH Dual Flush toilet is a water efficiency leader. With 1 gallon every flush, it saves water without sacrificing performance. Its WaterSense certification, a recognized award for water conservation, reinforces its dedication to sustainability.

Fingertip Control and Choice

The TOTO NEOREST RH Dual Flush toilet lets consumers choose between 0.8 GPF for liquid waste and 1.0 GPF for solid waste. This smart design improves convenience and water conservation.

Easy Installation & Comfort

Floor-mounted TOTO NEOREST RH Dual Flush toilets are easy to install. Identified by part number MS988CUMFG#01 and delivered in quantity 1, this toilet is ready to install in your bathroom. Installing with batteries ensures an easy, quick experience.

Finally, the TOTO MS988CUMFG and TOTO NEOREST RH Dual Flush toilets are bathroom design masterpieces. These toilets redefine modern bathroom fixtures with design, usefulness, accessibility, and efficiency. These toilets improve your bathroom and promote a sustainable, luxurious lifestyle.

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TOTO NEOREST RH Dual Flush First Hand Review Video

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  1. Universal height and ADA compliance for accessibility
  2. Water-saving capabilities with a water consumption of 1 gallon per flush
  3. Dual-flush system allows users to choose between a 0.8 GPF flush and a 1.0 GPF flush
  4. Sturdy and durable construction with vitreous china material
  5. Convenient and hassle-free installation with batteries included



Brand TOTO
Item Weight 98.7 Pounds
Installation Method Floor Mounted
Shape Elongated
Seat Material Type Plastic

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5) TOTO Drake Elongated Toilet

Best toto toilet

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The TORNADO FLUSH system is the pinnacle of flushing technology, ensuring a powerful flush every time. This innovative technique removes tenacious residue from the toilet bowl, leaving it clean. The TORNADO FLUSH technology revolutionizes toilet cleanliness and efficiency.

Comfort and Silence Symphony

SoftClose offers elegance and quiet convenience. This unique addition ensures a quiet, smooth toilet seat closure, adding richness to your bathroom moments. TOTO’s SoftClose function shows its dedication to modern bathroom design.

Dimensions Perfectly Tailored

The TOTO Drake Elongated TORNADO FLUSH Toilet is precision-crafted for design and functionality. With dimensions of 28.38 x 14 x 14.94 inches, this toilet fits any bathroom arrangement. Its ideal size allows for movement and comfort while fitting snugly.

Form and Function Harmony

The TOTO Drake Elongated Toilet blends form and function into a variety of bathroom styles. Its elongated design adds sophistication to your home, instantly improving its appearance. This toilet’s quality ceramic construction ensures durability and functionality. The cotton white finish provides timeless elegance to any design element.

Enhanced Comfort for discerning Users

TOTO Drake Toilets are designed for user comfort with an extended shape. TOTO’s commitment to user comfort is shown by the expanded seating area. Floor-mounted installations are easy for homeowners and experts. Plastic seats fulfill the highest quality standards with their durability and comfort.

The Specifications Unveiled

Identified by part number C776CEG#01, the TOTO Drake Elongated Toilet is simple and elegant. Each packaging contains one unit, illustrating TOTO’s dedication to making a superior product that lasts. The toilet’s 57-pound weight indicates its durability, providing long-lasting performance.

Easy Maintenance, Improved Aesthetics

Experience a low-maintenance toilet with style. The cotton white finish enhances your bathroom’s appearance and simplifies cleaning, demonstrating TOTO’s commitment to functionality and beauty. This toilet runs without batteries, ensuring a smooth experience for years.

Elevate Your Bathroom Today

In conclusion, the TOTO Drake Elongated TORNADO FLUSH Toilet epitomizes modern bathroom elegance. This toilet goes above ordinary usefulness with its powerful TORNADO FLUSH system, SoftClose feature, and impeccable craftsmanship. With the TOTO Drake Elongated TORNADO FLUSH Toilet, you can upgrade your bathroom’s aesthetic and performance for comfort, cleanliness, and refinement.

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TOTO Drake Elongated Toilet First Hand Review Video

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  1. Elongated shape provides ample seating space and ensures comfort
  2. Sturdy and durable construction with ceramic material
  3. Easy to install with a floor-mounted installation method
  4. Low-maintenance toilet that does not require batteries
  5. Clean and modern appearance with a cotton white finish



Brand TOTO
Item Weight 57 Pounds
Installation Method Floor Mounted
Shape Elongated
Seat Material Type Plastic

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Best toto toilet

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At the heart of the TOTO Drake TORNADO FLUSH Toilet is a unique technology that boosts performance. Unlike regular toilets, this system uses two powerful nozzles to generate a centrifugal, cyclonic cleaning force for a powerful flush every time. This makes the bowl and bathroom cleaner.

Sustainable Water Use

In an environmentally concerned era, the TOTO Drake TORNADO FLUSH toilet leads in water conservation. This toilet balances effective flushing and water conservation with 1.6 GPF. This toilet performs well and conserves our planet’s resources.

Every Bathroom is Stylish

The sleek and sophisticated TOTO Drake TORNADO FLUSH toilet compliments any bathroom décor and is effective. Its extended design and smooth contours offer refinement to your bathroom decor. This toilet’s high-quality ceramic material ensures durability and longevity, making your investment worthwhile.

Comfortable and Accessible

The TOTO Drake TORNADO FLUSH toilet is more comfortable than others. As it measures 28.38 x 17.19 x 30.13 inches, it is comfortable for all users and a welcome choice. This toilet also has ADA accreditation, proving its accessibility and usability. Whether you need mobility or user-friendliness, this toilet is perfect.

Installs easily and conveniently

Floor-mounted TOTO Drake TORNADO FLUSH Toilets are easy to install. Its part number, CST776CSFG#01, facilitates purchasing, and each kit includes everything you need for easy installation. The toilet’s plastic seat enhances comfort, making bathroom use easy and delightful.

Conclusion of Excellence

In conclusion, the TOTO Drake TORNADO FLUSH Toilet is a great choice for bathroom fixtures that combine performance, efficiency, and style. Its water-saving qualities and powerful TORNADO FLUSH technology make it eco-friendly. This toilet redefines modern bathroom perfection with its sleek design, comfortable size, and ADA certification. The TOTO Drake TORNADO FLUSH toilet, a symbol of innovation, quality, and comfort, may upgrade your bathroom.

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TOTO Drak TORNADO FLUSH Toilet First Hand Review Video

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  1. TORNADO FLUSH system ensures powerful and efficient flushing
  2. Water-saving capabilities with a 1.6 GPF water consumption
  3. ADA certified for accessibility and ease of use
  4. Sturdy and durable construction with ceramic material
  5. Comfortable and convenient plastic seat material type



Brand TOTO
Item Weight 94 Pounds
Installation Method Floor Mounted
Shape Elongated
Seat Material Type Plastic

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7) TOTO Toilet with Elongated Bowl

Best toto toilet

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No more sacrificing style for compliance. TOTO Toilet with Elongated Bowl brings sophistication and practicality. This modern toilet’s elongated design blends with many bathroom decors. Its 28 x 19.5 x 30.5-inch dimensions and 17.64-pound weight indicate its sturdy construction. This excellent vitreous china toilet is durable and pure, while the cotton white finish conveys refinement.

Perfect Performance: G-Max Flushing System with 12″ Rough-A key factor in the TOTO Toilet’s remarkable performance is its 12″ rough-in and innovative G-Max Flushing System. This explosive combo flushes powerfully and efficiently every time. This toilet conserves water and is efficient at 1.6 gallons every flush, making it an eco-friendly alternative.

ADA Certification and Universal Design Redefined

The coveted ADA certification makes the TOTO Toilet more appealing. This award shows its dedication to accessibility and usability. This toilet is universally intended to make use comfortable and convenient for all.

Easy Installation: Long-Lasting Comfort

The floor-mounted TOTO Toilet with Elongated Bowl is easy to install. This fixture is unique, bearing the part number CST744SL#01. The kit includes everything, including a plastic seat for maximum comfort and convenience.

Conclusion: Style and Function

The TOTO CST744SL Ada Toilet is an innovative bathroom addition for compliance and beauty. Its elongated bowl, G-Max Flushing System, and ADA certification make it the ultimate combination of aesthetic and function. With the TOTO Toilet, you can elevate your bathroom experience and create a statement. TOTO is dedicated to excellence in all bathroom fixtures.

The TOTO Toilet with Elongated Bowl opens a new era of elegance and efficiency. This amazing fixture provides an unmatched experience that perfectly blends elegance and utility for your bathroom.

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TOTO Toilet with Elongated Bowl First Hand Review Video

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  1. G-Max Flushing System ensures powerful and efficient flushing
  2. Water-saving capabilities with a 1.6 gallons per flush water consumption
  3. ADA certified for accessibility and ease of use
  4. Sturdy and durable construction with vitreous china material
  5. Comfortable and convenient plastic seat material type



Brand TOTO
Installation Method Floor Mounted
Shape Elongated
Seat Material Type Plastic
Part Number CST744SL#01

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Best Toto Toilet 2023 Complete Buying Guide

selecting the right toilet can be a daunting task. It needs to fit in your bathroom, match your decor and provide efficient and powerful flushing power. After all, it’s an essential item for your daily routine.

With the many choices out there from numerous brands, it’s important to have the information you need to make an informed decision when buying a toilet. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive TOTO Toilet Buying Guide for 2023. This guide provides everything you need to know about TOTO toilets – from their unique features, types of toilets available, installation tips and more! We hope you find this guide helpful as you research which TOTO toilet best suits your home’s needs and wants.

Best toto toilet

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Benefits of a Toto Toilet

A Toto toilet is an ideal addition to any bathroom, offering a number of different benefits. Investing in one of these toilets can make all the difference when it comes to usability and style.

Toto toilets are some of the most efficient on the market, with a variety of water-saving features that can help reduce your water bill while improving your home’s sustainability. Their double-cyclone flush system ensures maximum efficiency and minimal waste, helping you save money and energy without sacrificing quality.

In addition to their outstanding performance, Toto toilets boast a range of stylish designs. They come in both traditional and contemporary styles that fit into almost any bathroom decor, making them perfect for both homes and businesses alike. Plus, their ADA compliant designs help ensure accessibility for people with disabilities.

Thanks to their signature Sana gloss glaze coating, these toilets also stay cleaner for longer than traditional models. Removing dirt, grime and bacteria with each flush makes cleaning easier than ever before.

Finally, Toto toilets are some of the longest lasting on the market today; they’re designed to last up to 30 years with proper maintenance—giving you peace of mind that your toilet will remain in top condition no matter how much wear it encounters over time!

Types of Toto Toilets

When shopping for the ideal Toto toilet, it is important to know the different types of toilets available on the market. There are several types of Toto toilets that are designed to serve a variety of needs and fit a wide range of restroom designs. This guide will help you narrow down your search and choose the best toilet that satisfies your preferences and fits within your budget.

The main types of Toto toilets include one-piece, two-piece, wall-mounted and skirted models. One-piece toilets feature an integrated bowl and tank design that gives them an elegant, seamless look. Two-piece toilets have separate bowls and tanks for easier installation. Wall mounted models are ideal when space is at a premium or if you desire a modern look for your bathroom décor. Skirted models feature a sleek design with concealed pipes for easy cleaning and maintenance.

No matter what type of Toto toilet you choose, all models come equipped with features such as:

  • Sana Gloss glaze which minimizes odor-containing particles along the rim to help keep your bathroom smelling fresh;
  • Close Coupled Toilet technology which minimizes water flow gaps between flushing components;
  • Universal Height design which allows seated individuals from all ages to have easy access;
  • Tornado Flush system which creates strong water pressure around edges without wasting water;
  • Cefiontect glaze coating which helps reduce accumulation of waste buildup for cleaner bowl surfaces;
  • electronic washlet bidet which gives you additional convenience with temperature adjustment settings on both ends;
  • SoftClose functionality which prevents any banging or noise when closing or flushing the toilet;
  • seat warmers for added comfort;
  • EasyClean uncloggable trap technology that helps prevent clogged drain lines;
  • Eco-friendly dual flush system ready technology to save on water consumption without compromising performance.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Toto Toilet

When shopping for your new Toto toilet, there are several factors you should consider to ensure you get the best value for your money. Here are a few key elements to look out for before making a purchase:

  1. Toilet Design: Your Toto toilet needs to function correctly and look good in your bathroom. When selecting your model, consider the bowl shape, tank size and other design features that will complement your existing decor.
  2. Flushing System: Different Toto toilets feature different flushing systems designed to suit different types of waste. Depending on specifics, these systems can vary in power and water consumption, so be sure to pick one that will best meet your needs.
  3. Installation: Good installation is key to ensuring your Toto toilet runs optimally and looks great in its permanent spot in the home. Consider if you need professional help with installation or if the job can be done yourself with basic tools provided by the manufacturer.
  4. Price/Value Ratio: We all want value for money when buying a major appliance like a toilet – so it pays to shop around and see which offers provide the best bang for buck! Different price ranges may offer different optional features or extras so be sure to do some research before settling on one model in particular!
  5. Quality of Materials & Warranty Cover: Finally, don’t forget about quality assurance when it comes to purchasing such an important piece of home furnishing! Be sure that any manufacturer’s warranty covers repairs against defects or malfunctions due to poor craftsmanship or materials used in construction – this could save you future headaches down the line!

Top Features of the Best Toto Toilets

When comparing Toto toilets, there are a few criteria that should be taken into consideration. By understanding the different features of the best Toto toilets, you can make an informed decision when it comes to buying a new toilet for your bathroom. Here are some of the key features you should look for in order to find the best Toto toilet for your needs:

  1. Bowl Design: Many Toto toilets feature either round or elongated bowls, with round bowls typically being more compact and suited for small bathrooms or powder rooms. Additionally, many of their models come with Siphon Jet flushing technology that helps reduce clogging while also providing optimal flush performance.
  2. Flush Type: Depending on your needs, you might look for a single flush or dual-flush model that allows you to save water by using less water (usually half) during flushes as needed. Certain models may also come with the Tornado Flush system which pressurizes water even further and uses specialized crescent-shaped nozzles to help clean toilet bowl surfaces more efficiently.
  3. Comfort Enhancements: Another important feature worth looking at is whether or not the toilet has comfort enhancements like an ADA compliant seat height, heated seats and lids for added warmth during cold days/nights, powerful deodorizers, soft close lids that won’t slam shut and automatic sit/stand flush functionality so you don’t have to keep pressing down buttons multiple times when flushing.
  4. Additional Safety Features: You may want consider additional safety features like easy-to-operate leak detection systems that alert you if any leaks occur or wireless sensors built into urinals/toilets for hands free flushing options plus automatic shut off valves allowing GForce flushing without having to use up large amounts of water all at once just in case somebody forgets to flush after use (which is becoming increasingly common due to our hectic lives).

Popular Toto Toilets in 2023

Toto toilets have become a household name in the 2023 market. With numerous features, the range of Toto toilets available on the market today can be overwhelming for first-time buyers.

The TOTO Aimes One-piece Toilet is a popular choice for its sleek look and efficient flushing power. It’s perfect for more traditional bathrooms and its chrome-plated trim feature is also a great touch to your interior design.

The UltraMax II One-Piece Elongated Toilet is another popular choice among users. It boasts of great water efficiency and quiet flushing due to its powerful 1GPM flush system. It comes with an ADA compliant height, making it an ideal toilet if you are looking for one that is accessible for all household members regardless of age or physical ability.

The Aquia IV One piece Elongated toilet stands out from the rest with its ergonomic design and elegant lines that blend nicely in any bathroom décor style. While it has a unique rimless design, it still manages to fit the standard 12in rough-in dimension making installation easy no matter your bathroom’s floorplan. Moreover, this toilet offers comfort seating height as well as great water efficiency due to its dual cyclonic flushing systems which helps conserve up to 1.28 gallons of water per flush!

Finally, The Carbodioum+ 1GIF WASHLET C200 EMF has also been sought after by many modern-bathroom enthusiasts everywhere because this two piece model comes with advanced technologies like tankless instantaneous heating and WASHLET technology which offer automatic open/close lid, warm air dryer, pre-mist spray ,and more! This innovative toilet combines both comfort and excellent performance which makes it one of the best choices on today’s market!

Best toto toilet

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Installation and Maintenance Tips

Installation and maintenance of your new toilet can impact performance of your unit and are factors to consider when deciding on what type of toilet to buy. Here are some general tips to help you get the most out of your investment:

  • Installation: If you’re purchasing a Toto toilet, make sure it is installed properly by a licensed plumber or electrician in accordance with local codes. A misaligned drain pipe or incorrectly connected flange can cause serious water damage and expensive repairs later on.

Maintenance: To keep the performance of your Toto toilet at peak efficiency and extend its lifespan, it is essential to perform regular maintenance. This involves cleaning the bowl with an appropriate cleaner, as well as regularly checking for leaks around the fixture seals. You should also replace washers and gaskets as needed in order to maintain a tight seal between the tank and bowl.


Which TOTO is best?

The best TOTO toilet will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the user. TOTO offers a wide range of toilet models with different features and designs, so it’s important to research and compare different options to find the best one for you.

What is the top of the line TOTO toilet?

TOTO’s Neorest series is considered their top of the line toilet, with features such as integrated bidet and automatic flushing.

Is TOTO a better toilet than Kohler?

TOTO and Kohler are both well-respected toilet brands and offer high-quality products. It’s difficult to say one brand is better than the other as it depends on individual needs and preferences.

Which is the best toilet bowl brand?

TOTO is considered one of the best toilet bowl brands in the world, along with Kohler, American Standard, and other well-respected manufacturers.

How do you pick a Toto toilet?

When picking a TOTO toilet, consider your specific needs and preferences such as size, design, flush technology and options like bidet and smart toilet.

What makes Toto toilets better?

TOTO toilets are known for their high-quality construction, advanced flush technology, and a wide range of options and designs. They also have a good reputation for customer service.

Is Toto a premium brand?

TOTO is considered a premium brand.

What is special about Toto?

TOTO is known for its advanced flush technology, wide range of options and designs, and reputation for quality and customer service.

Is Toto an Indian brand?

TOTO is a Japanese company and is not an Indian brand.

Is Toto a Chinese company?

TOTO is a Japanese company and is not a Chinese company.

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