Best composting toilet for off grid 2023

Are you looking for a composting toilet for your off-grid lifestyle in 2023? Then you’ve come to the right place! We have all the top options for you to consider and review, so you can find the best composting toilet to fit your needs. Here we’ll go through the features and benefits of each option so that you can make an informed choice for your off-grid abode. Read on for our comprehensive guide to the best composting toilets of 2023!

Best composting toilet for off grid 2023       

  1. Thinktank Composting Toilet (Editor’s Pick)
  2. Nature’s Head  Toilet (Best Overall)
  3. Poo Pod Waterless Composting Toilet (Budget Friendly)
  4. Separett Villa Toilet
  5. Poo Pod Waterless Composting Toilet
  6. YITAHOME Portable Toilet
  7. Nature’s Head Self Composting Toilet

1) Thinktank Composting Toilet

Best composting toilet for off grid

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The Thinktank Composting Toilet has airtight air intake and exhaust ducts, making it unique. This precise design eliminates odors, creating a fresh atmosphere. The system’s careful engineering ensures perfect aeration. The urine-diverting system efficiently separates liquid and solid waste to improve composting. The product’s 6-year warranty shows the manufacturer’s confidence.

Elegant Sustainability: A Harmonious Choice

For an eco-friendly and efficient toilet, the Thinktank Composting Toilet stands out. Its waterless operation and superior urine-diverting and composting technology make it a smart choice for off-grid living. Airtight separate air intake and exhaust pipes make it easy to operate and maintain.

Rising Environmental Awareness: Composting Toilets

As environmental consciousness grows, composting toilets become more popular. The eco-friendly Thinktank Composting Toilet stands out in this category. It stands out from the competitors by allowing men to stand while using it, demonstrating its devotion to user comfort.

Detail and Craftsmanship: Composition Reveal

Rotationally molded plastic and a bright white finish make the Thinktank Composting Toilet a work of art. Its 39-pound weight and 25.75 x 22 x 21.8-inch proportions make it ideal for small settings. Its 12-volt voltage without batteries makes it ideal for cabins, compact dwellings, and charming cottages where resource optimization is key.

A Green Revolution: Redefining Ecological Responsibility

Eco-friendly Thinktank Composting Toilets are pioneers. This composting toilet conserves water and protects the environment. It produces compost and nutrient-rich fertilizer in addition to conservation. This toilet represents a positive change for the earth and a permanent eco-friendly legacy.

The eco-friendly Thinktank Composting Toilet is the star of the show. Innovation, functionality, and environmental responsibility provide an enhanced lavatory experience. For individuals who value long-term sustainability, this composting toilet represents a better, cleaner planet.

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Thinktank Composting Toilet First Hand Review Video

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  1. Eco-friendly option that helps reduce water usage and environmental impact
  2. Men can stand when using, making it a more comfortable and convenient option for some users
  3. Ideal for use in small spaces like cabins, tiny homes, and cottages
  4. Glossy white finish gives it a sleek and modern look
  5. No batteries required, making it an energy-efficient option.



Item Weight 39 pounds
Package Dimensions 25.75 x 22 x 21.8 inches
Color White
Finish Gloss white
Material Rotationally molded plastic

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2) Nature’s Head Toilet

Best composting toilet for off grid

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The Nature’s Head Composting Toilet’s granite hue adds style to its 20.98 x 19.02 x 20.98-inch size.

Efficiency: This 28-pound plastic toilet is sturdy and portable.

Smooth Installation: Redefining Simplicity Innovative Spider Handle: The spider handle streamlines installation.

Unified Function: This miracle eliminates composting bins, saving time and labor.

The Nature’s Head Toilet’s ventilation removes odors, making it suitable for tiny spaces.

Natural Head Advantage: Ultimate Versatility

Unmatched Choice: Nature’s Head Composting Toilet meets the need for a full solution that combines use, installation, and functionality.

Intelligent Handle Design: The spider handle simplifies installation and exhibits smart design.

Unblemished Ambiance: This toilet’s ventilation eliminates odors in compact spaces.

Innovative Green Solutions: Green Revolution

Growing Composting Toilet Interest: Eco-friendliness and cost make composting toilets popular.

For Example: Nature’s Head Toilet The Nature’s Head Toilet is popular for its sustainability.

Features and Design: Innovation Meets Form Durability Redefined: The Nature’s Head Toilet’s plastic construction and functionality are amazing.

Elegant granite aesthetic: This toilet’s granite color makes it elegant and attractive in use.

This toilet fits in small places at 20.98 x 19.02 x 20.98 inches.

Installation Simplified: User Experience Improved
Easy Installation: Handypeople may install this composting toilet without expert aid.

Lightweight: The 28-pound Nature’s Head Toilet is easy to move and install.

Innovative Features: Environmental Harmony

Water Conservation: This toilet supports sustainable lifestyles without water.

Design Comfort: The Nature’s Head Toilet’s 20″ height makes it user-friendly, boosting satisfaction.

A 300-pound toilet is stable and reliable.

Excellence: A 12-volt DC power supply with a 12-volt converter powers this toilet continuously.

Nature’s Head Composting Toilets are complete, easy-to-use, and easy-to-install for tiny spaces. Its spider handle, odor management, and composting make it suitable for compact dwellings, cottages, RVs, and marine boats. The Nature’s Head Toilet promotes green living as the green movement increases. Well-thought-out features, solid construction, and user ease transform modern bathrooms.

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Nature’s Head Toilet First Hand Review Video

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  1. Easy to install by any reasonably handy person
  2. Can be used with or without water, making it an eco-friendly option
  3. Lightweight and wall-mounted, making it ideal for use in small spaces
  4. Can support a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds
  5. DC power source with a 12-volt adapter available



Brand Nature’s Head
Item Weight 28 Pounds
Installation Method Wall Mounted
Shape Rectangular
Seat Material Type Plastic

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3) Poo Pod Waterless Composting Toilet

Best composting toilet for off grid

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1. Innovative Design for Every Setting

Poo Pod Composting Toilets integrate into any surroundings with their basic white appearance. Space efficiency and comfort are balanced by its 27.75 x 15 x 23-inch proportions. This plastic toilet weighs 31 pounds and is durable without losing portability.

2. Accepting Cold Weather Challenges

An innovative waterless composting technology powers the Poo Pod toilet during freezing weather. It has been designed to withstand cold temperatures and ensure waste breakdown. The Poo Pod’s durability eliminates weather concerns.

3. Efficient Waste Management

The clever urine diverter makes the Poo Pod stand out. This method optimizes composting by separating liquid and solid waste. The result? More efficiency, less odor, and less environmental impact. The Poo Pod revolutionizes waste disposal.

4. Master Ventilation

Due to the Poo Pod’s improved ventilation, odors disappear. This modern toilet has a powerful fan to keep your bathroom fresh. Breathe easy and appreciate the Poo Pod’s ideal atmosphere.

Innovative: Poo Pod’s Smart Integration

1. Real-Thick Comfort

The real-sized Poo Pod Composting Toilet is designed for comfort. This toilet focuses your needs without compromise, eliminating confined spaces and discomfort. Every use is relaxing and convenient.

2. The Power of Connection

The Poo Pod has a mobile app and sophisticated technology. Easily manage the system from your smartphone. Adjusting settings or receiving real-time updates, the app keeps you in control.

Eco-Friendly Poo Pod: The Best Choice for Sustainability 1. Promoting Eco-Friendly Practices
With worldwide environmental worries rising, the Poo Pod Composting Toilet champions eco-conscious living. Waterless operation decreases water use, making the planet greener one flush at a time.

3. Easy Setup and Maintenance

Practicing sustainability has never been easier. The Poo Pod is designed for easy assembly and maintenance. It has a strong fan for ventilation and odor control. Additionally, its compatibility with biodegradable bags makes trash disposal easy.

4. Flexible and Moveable

Poo Pods weigh 31 pounds and are portable. This toilet’s lightweight design lets you live off-grid, camp in the bush, or use isolated restrooms.


Redefining Restroom Solutions
The Poo Pod Waterless Composting Toilet surpasses regular restrooms. Its revolutionary design, urine diverter, strong fan, and mobile app connection make it a sustainable sanitation game-changer. As the globe evolves toward eco-friendliness and comfort, the Poo Pod redefines modern restroom solutions. The Poo Pod Composting Toilet is convenient, sustainable, and makes a difference.

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Poo Pod Waterless Composting Toilet First Hand Review Video

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  1. Comes with everything necessary to get started, including a new more powerful fan
  2. Waterless design makes it an eco-friendly option that can help reduce water usage
  3. Lightweight and compact, making it ideal for use in small spaces
  4. Easy to use and maintain, with biodegradable bags for disposal
  5. Real-sized toilet designed for real-sized people



Material Plastic
Brand Poo Pod Waterless Composting Toilet
Item Weight 31 Pounds
Seat Material Type Plastic
Product Dimensions 27.75 x 15 x 23 inches

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4) Separett Villa Toilet

Best composting toilet for off grid

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The Separett Villa Toilet’s waterless and composting system is a green icon. This toilet revolutionizes waste management by cleverly segregating liquid and solid waste with a urine-diverting mechanism. Its design avoids odors and makes it ideal for distant and off-grid settings. It’s revolutionary for eco-conscious people.

Form and Function: Design and Dimensions

In its traditional white finish, the Separett Villa Toilet combines style and utility. Its 131.1 x 15.6-inch size makes it fit any space. The wall-mounted placement simplifies setup, and the paper material lasts.

Reduce Carbon Footprint: Environmental Benefits

The Separett Villa Toilet exemplifies proper waste management in an environmentally conscious world. You conserve water by choosing this waterless, composting, and urine-diverting toilet. This eco-friendly option meets your sustainability aims by reducing water usage with its creative method.

Easy Use and Maintenance: A User-Friendly Solution

User-centric design distinguishes the Separett Villa Toilet. Separating liquids and solids improves odor control and trash disposal. This toilet works with biodegradable bags, which may be composted for a closed-loop system. Maintenance is easy, letting you focus on more important concerns.

Space Optimization: Perfect for Small Spaces

The Separett Villa Toilet maximizes space. For spaces with limited space, its rectangular shape and 333″L x 276″W proportions make it ideal. This toilet fits easily into a tiny house, cabin, or RV without sacrificing comfort.

Verdict: Separett Villa Toilet Upgrades Your Lifestyle

In conclusion, the Separett Villa Toilet exceeds waste management. The unique design improves waste separation and odor control while promoting sustainability and environmental awareness. This composting toilet is practical, user-friendly, and environmentally friendly.

The Separett Villa Toilet is the peak of innovation and durability for eco-friendly, affordable toilets that match your beliefs. Its waste management impact and honors are well-deserved. Choose the Separett Villa Toilet for an unmatched off-grid living experience and a greener future.

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Separett Villa Toilet First Hand Review Video

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  1. Easy to use and maintain, with a design that separates liquids from solids
  2. Waterless design makes it an eco-friendly option that can help reduce water usage
  3. Lightweight and compact, making it ideal for use in small spaces
  4. Designed to be used with biodegradable bags, making it easy to dispose of waste
  5. Durable paper material ensures the toilet will last for years



Brand Separett
Material Paper
Style Compact
Shape Oblong
Product Dimensions 333″L x 276″W

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5) Poo Pod Waterless Composting Toilet

Best composting toilet for off grid

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Creating Design and Dimensional Comfort

This novel bathroom fixture is comfortable and functional. A traditional white Composting Toilet combines elegance and utility. Intelligent plastic construction makes it lightweight at 31 pounds and fits in your space at 27.75 x 15 x 23 inches.

Discovering Innovation: Cold Climate Poo Pod Toilet and Sublime Composting System

Winter doesn’t bother Poo Pod Toilets. Waterless composting works well in frigid temperatures because to its thorough design. An unique urine diverter separates liquid and solid waste for optimal composting, boosting resilience.

Master Ventilation: Integrated Fan Power

Poo Pod Toilet’s strong fan removes odors. This potent component ensures adequate ventilation and combat odors, making the bathroom fresh and pleasant.

The Mobile App Advantage: Technology and Comfort

Easy, Fingertip Monitoring
Mobile app from Poo Pod Toilet. This new addition gives clients a complete view of the system’s functionality and the ability to alter. This technology and comfort make the Composting Toilet a modern icon.

Easy Installation: Convenience Key

Simple Setup World
Installation is simple for the Composting Toilet. The setup is simple, so even beginners can install this elegant fixture in their home.

Sustainability: Composting Toilets: Best for Cold Weather Warriors

To summarize, the Composting Toilet is a great alternative for eco-friendly, effective cold-weather bathroom fittings. Its huge size, urine diverter mechanism, powerful ventilation system, and user-friendly setup make it ideal for off-grid living, outdoor adventures, and isolated living.

Toilet Composting: The Green Way

In an eco-conscious society, composting toilets are economical and sustainable. The Poo Pod Waterless Composting Toilet is now a top pick. Its sleek white exterior hides full-sized optimum comfort, measuring 27.75 x 15 x 23 inches, a small utility suited for space-conscious consumers.

Full Package: Act Ready

The distinctive Poo Pod Waterless Composting Toilet is all-inclusive. This system provides efficient ventilation and odor management for a clean, comfortable bathroom with all the necessary parts, including a powerful fan. Its waterless functioning improves water saving and eco-friendliness.

Convenience and Responsibility Symphony

The Poo Pod Waterless Composting Toilet is easy to use and maintain. Biodegradable bags make disposal easy and incorporate into compost containers. It’s lightweight at 31 pounds, making it easy to move and install for modern lifestyles.

Finally, the Composting Toilet becomes a functional lavatory and a symbol of environmental responsibility. The Poo Pod Waterless Composting Toilet proudly leads this greener future movement.

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Poo Pod Waterless Composting Toilet First Hand Review Video

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  1. Comes with everything necessary to get started, including a new more powerful fan
  2. Waterless design makes it an eco-friendly option that can help reduce water usage
  3. Lightweight and compact, making it ideal for use in small spaces
  4. Easy to use and maintain, with biodegradable bags for disposal
  5. Real-sized toilet designed for real-sized people



Brand Poo Pod Waterless Composting Toilet
Item Weight 31 Pounds
Seat Material Type Plastic
Product Dimensions 27.75 x 15 x 23 inches

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6) YITAHOME Portable Toilet

Best composting toilet for off grid

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The cleverly designed YITAHOME Portable Toilet combines portability and practicality. Elegant grey and white, its aesthetic appeal is just the beginning. This toilet measures 24.02 x 14.57 x 21.26 inches and intended for comfort and stability. The toilet’s high-density polyethylene and polypropylene construction balances durability with portability.

Maximum Hygiene Comfort

Hygiene convenience distinguishes the YITAHOME Portable Toilet. With a 17-liter hand washing station and 5.3-gallon flush potty, outside cleaning is easy. The portable sink and hand washing station keep you clean and fresh while traveling or camping.

Improve Your Hygiene

The YITAHOME Portable Toilet is a game-changer for complete personal hygiene solutions. The 17L hand washing station shows its commitment to improving hygiene, guaranteeing you can stay clean on the go.

Simple Setup and Maintenance

Portable toilets should be easy to set up and maintain, and the YITAHOME Portable Toilet is. Its 21.1 pounds make it easy to move and position. No batteries or complicated installation are needed with its user-friendly design.

Comfortable and Easy Throne

The YITAHOME Portable Toilet prioritizes comfort. Its HDPE+PP seat provides comfort. The square shape provides enough space, and the clever design adds ergonomic support for comfort.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Stop worrying about portable toilet cleaning and upkeep. The YITAHOME Portable Toilet’s detachable waste tank simplifies emptying and cleaning. This feature saves time and keeps your toilet ready.

The Perfect Outdoor Friend

The YITAHOME Portable Toilet makes outdoor activities fun and easy. Its sturdy build, lightweight design, and cleanliness focus make it ideal for outdoor adventures. This portable toilet is perfect for camping, RVing, boating, and exploring new places.


The YITAHOME Portable Toilet revolutionizes outdoor sanitation comfort and convenience. Its unique design, devotion to hygiene, and user-friendly features make it a top choice for reliable and efficient portable toilets. Give your outdoor adventures the YITAHOME Portable Toilet and never sacrifice comfort or cleanliness.

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YITAHOME Portable Toilet First Hand Review Video

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  1. Lightweight and portable design makes it easy to transport
  2. Floor-mounted for stability and ease of use
  3. Square shape and comfortable seat material make it a comfortable option
  4. Detachable waste tank is easy to clean and maintain
  5. No batteries required, making it easy to use in any location



Item Weight 9.6 Kilograms
Installation Method Floor Mounted
Shape Square
Seat Material Type HDPE+PP

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7) Nature’s Head Self Composting Toilet

Best composting toilet for off grid

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The spider handle simplifies installation on the Nature’s Head Composting Toilet. This revolutionary innovation simplifies setup and eliminates the need for a composting bin, conserving space and utility.

Customized Ventilation for Odorless Operation

This toilet ventilates to reduce odors and improve comfort. This makes it excellent for small homes, cabins, RVs, and boats that need robust odor control.

Better Compact Space Solution

Small spaces that need a compact, easy-to-manage, and easy-to-install toilet might choose the Nature’s Head Self-Contained Composting Toilet. The unit’s spider handle and self-contained design make it ideal for tiny settings. This toilet is convenient for a small home, cabin, RV, or boat. The integrated ventilation system makes maintenance easy.

Eco-Friendly and Cheap

Composting toilets are growing increasingly popular as consumers seek greener options. Nature’s Head Self Composting Toilets are popular due to their robust plastic structure and beautiful granite finish. Its wall-mounted design and 20.98 x 19.02 x 20.98-inch dimensions make it excellent for tiny spaces.

Easy Installation for All

The Nature’s Head Self Composting Toilet’s simple installation attracts DIYers and beginners. Anyone with intermediate practical skills may install it without professional aid. Installation and handling are easy with its 28-pound weight.

Flexible and Usable Design

The Nature’s Head Self Composting Toilet works with and without water. This adaptability attracts water conservationists. A 20-inch height makes it suitable for all sizes. Its 300-pound weight capacity makes it strong and durable. The 12-volt toilet runs well with a DC power source and converter.

Finally, those seeking a space-efficient, user-friendly, and technologically advanced toilet would like the Nature’s Head Self-Contained Composting Toilet. Its spider handle and advanced ventilation system set it apart. This composting toilet improves small bathroom experience and sustainability.

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Nature’s Head Self Composting Toilet First Hand Review Video

Video Source: Best Composting Toilet 


  1. Easy to install by any reasonably handy person
  2. Can be used with or without water, making it an eco-friendly option
  3. Lightweight and wall-mounted, making it ideal for use in small spaces
  4. Can support a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds
  5. DC power source with a 12-volt adapter available



Brand Nature’s Head
Item Weight 28 Pounds
Installation Method Wall Mounted
Shape Rectangular
Seat Material Type Plastic

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Best Composting Toilet for off Grid 2023- Complete Buying Guide

composting toilets are an efficient and eco-friendly way to manage human waste. They work by converting organic waste into a fertilizer that can be reused in gardens and yards. Composting toilets offer many advantages over traditional flush toilets, such as:

  • saving on water usage
  • being more environmentally friendly
  • Eliminating the need for expensive septic systems or sewer connections.

Composting toilets come in different styles, ranging from self-contained units with their own compost chamber to add-on models that attach to existing plumbing. This buying guide will provide an overview of the different types of composting toilets available, along with considerations for selecting one that best meets your needs. Additionally, this guide will include a variety of helpful tips for finding the right model and maintaining it properly in order to maximize its performance and lifespan.

Best composting toilet for off grid

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Benefits of Composting Toilets

Composting toilets offer multiple advantages over traditional flush toilets. Because no water is needed for the process, these toilets are ideal for use in off grid locations, helping to conserve water and energy. Furthermore, instead of waste being sent to sewage treatment plants where it requires additional energy and resources to be processed, composting toilets turn waste into fertilizer which can be used in gardening and farms.

Additionally, composting eliminates odors more effectively than a regular toilet by converting solid and liquid waster into compost that can be safely removed from the home in a single chamber. Composting toilets also reduce pollution significantly, as they contain fewer chemicals than those used with septic systems, resulting in fewer pollutants being released into the environment. Finally, these systems require little maintenance and often come with built-in fans or vent pipes that help eliminate odors.

Types of Composting Toilets

Composting toilets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them suitable for any off-grid lifestyle. Depending on your needs and budget, you could choose from the following types of composting toilets:

  • Self-contained composting toilet: These are typically a one- or two-piece unit with a waterless operation, meaning the tank and fan motor must be installed separately from the toilet itself. They don’t require as much maintenance and will fit into tight spaces; however, these can also be more expensive compared to other types.
  • Urine diverting composting toilets: These are also self-contained units but feature separate compartments for liquids and solids. The liquid is diverted away with a special valve system, thus reducing odor and allowing beneficial bacteria to act on the waste faster. Although they can be quite expensive initial cost wise, their lack of maintenance requirements makes them worth considering in most off grid situations.
  • Continuous Composters: Also known as batch systems, these consist of several bins connected together where waste is added over time until it becomes composted material that can be used in your garden or elsewhere outdoors. These systems require very little electricity or maintenance but require more space than other types of composting toilets to install due to their size.
  • Alternative Composting Toilets: Lastly, there are some alternative systems such as mounded pits or hugelkultur systems which involve burying your humanure in an earthen mound over time until it has fully decomposed (which can take up to 2 years). These alternatives do not need electricity or plumbing but require more space than other composter systems since they involve excavation work when setting them up properly.

Features to Consider When Buying a Composting Toilet

Consider what features are important when searching for a composting toilet. A quality composting toilet should be able to effectively collect and contain waste, reduce odor, and provide an indicator of how long it has been since the last time it was emptied. Composting toilets come in all shapes and sizes, from the classic barrel system to modern gravity-fed systems. Here are some important features to consider when looking for a new composting toilet:

  • Capacity: Look for composters with a large capacity, so that you don’t need to empty them often. The larger the capacity of your composting toilet, the longer you can use it before having to empty it.
  • Odor Reduction Techniques: Composters with charcoal filters or other types of odor reduction techniques built into the design can help reduce smells in your home or other areas where you will be using waterless toilets. Make sure any composting toilet you choose has an effective means of reducing odors while collecting human waste.
  • Indicators: Look for an indicator that shows how full the container is so that you know when it is time to empty or close off sections of it depending on levels of usage and active filtration needs both now and in future years after accumulated waste in form of rich fertile garden soil! Some models even have progressive indicators that show how long it has been since the last time the unit was emptied; this can alert you if something isn’t right at times indicating grounds for attention with services/ cleaning out etc.

Cost of Composting Toilets

By nature, composting toilets may cost more than most traditional toilets. The initial investment tends to be higher due to the expansive engineering and construction materials needed to provide a safe and efficient functioning unit. The practice of composting organic material naturally requires specialized composting technology. As such, composting toilet systems vary in pricing based on the type of technology used, installation requirements and features.

Installation costs can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars for a basic waterless unit to several thousand dollars for more complex systems with urine diversion capabilities and ventilated collection chambers. However, some factors that may affect the overall cost of purchasing and installing a new composting toilet include:

  • Installation materials: Depending on the accessibility of the bathroom location, you may require additional installation components like ladders or an outdoor ventilation fan. Additionally, electrical components such as switches will be necessary depending on the type of system you choose.
  • Geographical position: Composting toilets require adequate air flow to work effectively in cold climates due to slow decomposition rates; you will need extra support systems if you are planning on using a waterless toilet in one of these environments.
  • Climate control systems: Some models are designed with built-in heating units that prevent freezing in colder temperatures; others include automatic ventilators that maintain proper air exchange rates throughout usage.
  • Maintenance/repair fees: Many brands offer yearly maintenance plans that cover full cleaning/parts replacement or repair services; these services can add up over time.
  • Shipping costs: If your home is located in an area without access to standard transportation infrastructure (e.g., highways or rural roads), your shipment might incur additional shipping fees.

Installation and Maintenance of Composting Toilets

Once you have decided on the type of composting toilet that best suits your off-grid living needs, you need to consider the installation and maintenance of it. For example, a clivus-multrum composting toilet requires a location for the tank to sit as well as minimal wiring for it to receive electricity when required. With other types such as electric off-grid composting toilets and self-contained composting toilets, there will also be some installation considerations before use.

No matter which kind of composting toilet you choose, maintenance is necessary to ensure it continues working correctly. This usually means emptying the container where dry material is kept at regular intervals as well as cleaning it out after use. In addition, if any removable parts require replacement, such as filters in an electric off-grid composting toilet systems, this should also be done on an infrequent basis. Finally, checking the seals regularly will help extend the life and performance of your composting toilet system.

Best composting toilet for off grid

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Best Composting Toilet For Off Grid 2023

If you’re looking for the best composting toilet for your off grid or tiny house, you have come to the right place! Here we’ll discuss what makes a good composting toilet, what the advantages and disadvantages are and give our picks for the top five composting toilets for off grid living.

Composting toilets convert human waste into useful compost material without requiring flush water, sewers or even electricity to operate. In many cases they are much simpler and cost effective than conventional toilets and can be used in remote locations where city infrastructure is not an option. They offer an eco-friendly way to dispose of waste without damaging our environment.

When shopping for a composting toilet, there are several important factors to consider including: environmental-friendliness, price point, size & installation requirements, ease of use and maintenance as well as how well it works in specific environments such as extremely cold climates or humid climates that may require additional insulation. We’ll break down each factor as we discuss our picks for the best composting toilets of 2023.

A good composting toilet should be affordable; environmentally friendly with low or zero greenhouse gas emissions; designed for long lasting durability with low maintenance needs; made from recyclable materials; small enough to fit in limited spaces; easy to install (DIY friendly) and produce disinfected fertilized soil that is safe to use on crops and gardens. We’ll review these criteria when evaluating our top 5 picks below:


Ultimately, the best composting toilet for your off-grid home will depend on your individual needs and preferences. If you need a larger capacity, then a commercial model might be more appropriate; however, if you are looking for something more compact and lightweight, an RV or travel model might be the best option. If you want something that requires minimal hands-on maintenance and will last for many years to come, an automated composting toilet could be the ideal choice. Regardless of your selection, remember that proper installation is critical for these kinds of toilets.

No matter what type of off-grid situation you find yourself in, composting toilets can provide a great solution by offering a simple and non-polluting method of disposing of human waste. Composting toilets are energy efficient and require essentially no water – which makes them ideal for environmentally conscious homes that seek to reduce their water consumption while still providing effective sanitation solutions.

With the right model chosen once considerately analysed details such as capacity size, maintenance needs or budget requirements should suit better all needs and expectations in terms of sustainability, choose accordingly!


What is the best toilet for off grid living?

The best toilet for off-grid living is a composting toilet. These types of toilets use natural processes to break down waste, eliminating the need for a traditional septic system or connection to a municipal sewage system.

What are the drawbacks of a composting toilet?

Drawbacks of a composting toilet include the potential for unpleasant odors if not maintained properly, the need for regular cleaning and maintenance, and the potential for the composted material to attract pests if not handled correctly.

What is an alternative to a composting toilet?

An alternative to a composting toilet is a incinerating toilet, which burns waste instead of breaking it down. Another option is a waterless urine-diverting toilet, which separates liquid and solid waste.

What is the best material for a composting toilet?

The best material for a composting toilet is a combination of carbon-rich materials, such as sawdust or peat moss, and nitrogen-rich materials such as urine and faces.

How many watts do you need to live off-grid?

The amount of watts needed for off-grid living varies depending on the lifestyle and needs of the individual. A rough estimate is between 1,000 to 2,000 watts per day for a small household.

How long do composting toilets last?

Composting toilets can last for many years with proper maintenance.

How often do you clean composting toilet?

Composting toilets should be cleaned on a regular basis, usually every few weeks or as needed.

Are composting toilets high maintenance?

Composting toilets can be considered high maintenance compared to traditional toilets, but are a good option for off-grid living.

What happens if you have diarrhea in a composting toilet?

If someone has diarrhea in a composting toilet, the material should be removed and disposed of properly to prevent contamination of the compost.

What kind of toilet can you use off the grid?

A composting toilet is one kind of toilet that can be used off the grid. Other options include incinerating toilets and waterless urine-diverting toilets.

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